Zoom announced Focus Mode that keeps students from distractions in class


Virtual classrooms are now a thing of reality so many classes are being held virtually without students physically being in the same place. And the zoom platform is one of those places where thousands of visual classes are taking place. However, students being students can easily get distracted while in a visual classroom. This is what zoom is tackling on the focus mode they released.

Zoom Focus Mode
Zoom Focus Mode

Zoom has announced that its new feature called focus mode is geared to keeping students from getting distracted while in virtual classes. While this mode keeps students from being distracted by one another, the teacher can keep an eye on them. The focus mode does this by preventing each participant of the class to see each other videos while the host which is the teacher can see everybody. 

However, this mode is quite flexible as it can be turned on and off depending on the class activity. This mode can be turned off when engaging in a class discussion or any other similar activity. The most important thing is that even those using a free zoom account can use the focus mode. This mode also lets students see on-screen shares and whatever thing their teacher is posting and their own videos. They can also see the names of all the students in the virtual class and any emojis they share.

How to access Zooms focus mode

To access this mode is easy however you must be in a current conference meeting before you can do this. The focus mode can be activated for different users such as Account, groups, and user. Depending on the one you are using you can activate focus mode with it.

  • Start a zoom conference call and add all the participants.
  • Now log on to the Zoom web portal as an admin with the privilege to edit account settings.
  • For Account click on Account Management and then select Account Settings, For Group click on User Management, and then select Group Management.
  • Click on the Meeting tab.
  • Under the In Meeting (Advanced) click on the Focus Mode then toggle to activate it.
  • Lastly, if you see a verification message click on Enable to verify and you can also click Lock to make focus mode mandatory.

If you click on the lock icon it will make the focus mode to be mandatory for all users, you can also tap it again to deactivate it.


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