Zoom acquires Kites an AI company building translation 


Zoom has announced today that they are very happy to acquire Karlsruhe Information Technology Solutions which is Kites In short form. Zoom posted this in their official blog, and that they are happy to have signed the definitive agreement for the start-up company dedicated to developing real-time Machine Translation (MT) solutions.

The video calling company in saying that the acquisition of Kites will help improve communication with people who speak different languages. so that one day they can add translations to the zoom video conference calling application.  If that is done it will be welcome and an added advantage to zoom It will certainly solidify their position. Though  Zoom already has real-time translation software it uses,  it is seriously limited to only English. Zoom also revealed that the current translation software they are using may not be accurate hence they have acquired Kites.

Kites was founded in 2015 in the Karlsruhe Institute of technology by co-founders Dr. Alex Waibel and Dr. Sebastian Stüker. Kites proprietary technology was to function as an in-class translation software to help students that do not understand different languages.  Now Zoom is taking that vision to the next level by using it to help people during conference calls to translate different languages.


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