Yahoo Answers is shutting down forever on May 4th


Well, we seem to be in the era of shutting down, yesterday LG confirmed that they are shutting down and quitting their smartphone business, today Yahoo has confirmed they are shutting down the long-standing Yahoo Answers.

Yahoo Answers is shutting down forever on May 4th
Yahoo Answers is shutting down forever on May 4th

Though some will miss the Yahoo Answers platform I myself cannot be considered as one of such people, as I have not used it before. for those that will miss it well, it’s high time you guys move on to something else.

Yahoo Answers is one of the oldest web Question and Answer platforms of bad questions and providing even worst answers to the questions. This platform was opened in the year 2005 and has provided lots of answers for the general internet. But now the platinum is shutting down on the 4th of May 2021.

If you have been very active on the Yahoo Answers platform and have lots of data there you have until June 30th to request a copy of your data before everything is wiped away. Once Yahoo answers have shut down uses will be directed to the Yahoo homepage. Content that can be requested include “all user-generated content including your Questions list, Questions, Answers list, Answers, and any images,” Yahoo said.

Yahoo has asked people to contact a particular page to get questions on how to copy or download their data from the platform.


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