Xiaomi Mi 11 launch date is set, It’s coming on February 8 to rival Samsung Galaxy S21


The Samsung Galaxy S21 is the top competitor smartphone released in January 2021 and this strategy is what Samsung has adopted to help them get ahead of the competition. Well, that is until the Xiaomi Mi 11 launches on February 8 to be a strong rival. 

Xiaomi Mi 11 launch date is set as February 8
Xiaomi Mi 11 launch date is set as February 8

The Xiaomi Mi 11 launched in China on December 28 and now we have confirmation that it is going live globally on the 8 of February and it’s going to pose strong competition for the Samsung Galaxy S21. The lunch is set to go live at 1 pm CET that is 12 pm GMT, 7 am ET, 4 am PT, and 11 pm ACT.

Though the Samsung Galaxy S21 already has a good one month head start the Xiaomi Mi 11 can still and will certainly be a strong competitor. The Xiaomi Mi 11 is expected to come with very powerful cameras, there are also rumors also that there is going to be a lite model also. 

My conclusion is that if the device is tough enough it is definitely going to be a main contender for the Samsung Galaxy S21. However, we would have to wait and see on February 8 when it launches.


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