Why Facebook Should Release the Facebook Files


Why Facebook should release the Facebook files: the fallout from The Wall Street Journal’s Facebook Files series continues.  The company on Sunday published a point-by-point rebuttal to the Journal’s story on Instagram effects on teenage girls.

In this article, we are going to find out why Facebook should release Facebook files. If you want to find out then you should continue reading this article.

Why Facebook Should Release the Facebook Files
Why Facebook Should Release the Facebook Files

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Why Facebook Should Release the Facebook Files

It is more evidence of bias from a press working to bring the company to its knees, reaching predetermined conclusions with whatever scraps of information they can find.

And then on Monday morning, the company said it would pause plans to build Instagram Kids while it consults with more outside groups. Inside Facebook, some people are feeling exasperated. They argue that the Journal series uses relatively few data points to paint Facebook in the worst possible light.

Facebook Files Has Been a Welcome Opportunity to Discuss Their Greatest Fear

For others, though particularly those who have worked on research and integrity initiatives, the Facebook Files have been a welcome opportunity to discuss their greatest fear.

That is despite researchers’ most worrisome findings, Facebook lacks the organizational structure and leadership necessary to prevent it from causing a wide range of preventable harms.

If They Are Being Taken Out Of Context, Provide The Context

Three, Facebook’s primary complaint about the series is that reporters allegedly took key points out of context. The only way to credibly make that charge is to provide people with the full context. It’s not enough for the company’s head of research to describe one set of slides.

To have an honest conversation about all this; we should all be looking at the same set of documents. If, as Facebook says, the majority of the research shows benign or even positive effects, it should have all the more reason to want us to read them.

To be sure, the people inside Facebook arguing against the documents’ release have compelling points on their side too. As soon as the files are made public, every tech reporter on earth will scour them in an effort to find angles that the Journal missed, extending the life of the story and perhaps even worsening the damage.


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