VideoProc Reviews: is it really the One-Stop Video Processing Software?


As we continue to advance and develop on this earth with new technology coming out, we also continue to advance and develop our day-to-day activities. If you argue with me there was a time where 1080p was the standard but now it is gradually going away getting replaced by 4k. Some individuals even stress it down to 8k. Some mobile devices now even come with 4K displays, 4K camera capability, and even 8k. This brings the need for a video editing software that is capable of handling 4K video editing. That is what brings us to this article today, we will be talking about VideoProc reviews.

VideoProc Reviews
VideoProc Reviews


VideoProc is a video editing software capable of editing 4K and 8k videos if you are a video camera Man you will know what I am talking about. There are not many video editing software capable of editing in 4K/8k. But VideoProc and also provides a level 3 hardware acceleration for popular Intel®, AMD®, and NVIDIA® GPUs. 

VideoProc Hardware acceleration is simply a feature that makes video encoding, decoding, compressing, and editing very fast. Because we are dealing with large sizes it is important that the video editing software should be capable of doing so as fast as it can that is where hardware acceleration is employed. 

The VideoProc Video editing software is not free so mind you. However, you can download and get a free trial and subscribe if you want or cancel it. Check the VideoProc website for some great discounts and give away.

VideoProc Reviews

We are going to be reviewing this product on its price features. then its pros and cons. So that you will get a better understanding and then know if you will get it or not.

VideoProc Price

This video editing software starts at just $29.95 a year for its license, you can also get $78.90 for a lifetime license and finally get $119.90 For a family license. 


VideoProc is packed with lots of features which are listed below:

  • It has level 3 hardware acceleration.
  • There is a built-in Media downloader engine.
  • An A-B video conversion system.
  • Also has a screen recorder.
  • It presents a basic and advanced video editing capability
  • It supports up to 1,000 Plus audio and video website
  • Finally, it supports up to 420 Plus output format.


  • The software is fast and easy to use.
  • It has a simple interface for anyone to learn.
  • Has a fully functional seamless working trial version.


  • 30 days guarantee is not real
  • The “Deshake” doesn’t work.
  • The software is often prone to crashing when clearing a queue of computer downloads.
  • Sometimes completed download will still be at 0% complete.
  • Randomly dropping lifetime license and reverting back to trial mode.

Now you have it. These are some of the pros and cons of using this video editing software.  It is now left for you to decide if you still want to give it a try. Let’s continue on with the article.

VideoProc Download

This video editing software can be downloaded directly from their official website and then you will have your trial period. There is videoproc for mac and videoproc for Windows depending on the os you are using. That being said let’s see how to download VideoProc below.

  • Head on over to the official VideoProc website.
  • Now tap on the blue “Free Download Button” followed by the windows and Apple logo.
  • Once you have done that the file will start to download press OK to accept.

Once you are done downloading the software you are now free to install it and then make use of the trial version. You wish to cancel you can or simply purchase a subscription at you like the software. 


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