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Uplive is a popular independent social video entertainment center that’s used for connecting l, interacting, and broadcasting. The platform combines charm and talent, allows you to earn gifts and cash out. You can also make friends using the group link.


So, if you’re bored at home or at work, and you want to meet new friends, uplive is here for you. The platform has lots of users and hosts from across the globe waiting to connect, chat or support hosts in streams.

However, to get started, you need to download the mobile app on your device, then register.


Uplive offers new users gifts. To Claim the gift you must register and log in. You can register or access your account via their mobile app or website. On uplive homepage, you’ll see the star host, features stream, newest stream, and the payment methods.  To access their official website, go to https://www.up.live/home you can locate the login tab and the right top corner of the page.

Uplive App

Uplive app makes the platform very easy and fun to access. Here are the key features of the platform and why you should become a member

Platform For Entertainment:  the platform is used for entraining streams. It’s embedded with talented and charming hosts from across the globe. Offers a 24 hours non-stop entertainment to watch anywhere, anytime. However, there are also lots of fancy and interactive animated gifts to show one’s support.

Gain Following And Cash Flow: the platform enables you to show your talent, be it dancing singing, gaming, etc. Users stream, gain gifts, cash out and earn cash. Have a great experience with amazing uplive gift effects, profiles flames, and backgrounds. However, users can join in-app events to gain following win rewards.

Socialize: you can follow your favorite hosts and get notifications when they stream, you can also comment or link in videos and audio streams and party rooms, chat on the platform. The platform lets you join fams and groups that suit you, which is a means to socialize.

How to Use Uplive

To use uplive, here are steps on how to use the platform

Register/Login: to register and login to uplive visit https://www.up.live/home.

  • Click on the login widget
  • You will have the option to register and log in with your email or mobile number, enter, if you choose a mobile number, enter the phone number.
  • Then click on the confirm tap
  • You will receive a code either on your email or phone number
  • Proceed with the onscreen directives to complete the registration

How to Recharge: to recharge, go to www.up.live login to your account using your email or phone number, then select the recharge button. You will see recharge options on the screen- PayPal, Wechat, Alipay, and VIP Top-up.  Choose any of the options to recharge.

Uplive Cash Out

To cash out  you need to have PayPal

  • Go to your browser and visit uplive web.
  • Login to your account
  • Click on my account
  • Click on bind to bind your phone number
  • Enter the code and password
  • Tap on withdrawal lucky money
  • Enter the email associated with your PayPal account
  • Enter the amount you want to Withdraw
  • Key in your verification code to confirm

Follow the steps on the screen to finish the cash out process.


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