Twitter has launched its Birdwatch Program to check Facts and Fight Misinformation

There has been lots of misinformation going on lately. That is why in a bid to curb such misinformation Twitter has launched its Birdwatch program to help combat the spread of false information.

twitter Birdwatch program
twitter Birdwatch program

This program works by allowing users to fact check tweets and write notes about the genuineness of the individual tweets they are seeing. Also, to rate a note according to the genuineness it has. Of course, these notes will not be visible to the public but will only be visible from the Birdwatch website Twitter has set up.

For now, only 1000 users in the U.S. can participate to kick off the pilot program as the company has announced on monday

This is a nice approach to fighting misinformation and I believe this approach will go a long way in stopping the widespread of misinformation on Twitter.  I also hope that other platforms such as Facebook take similar measures to limit the spread of misinformation Via social media platforms as well.  Considering what is going on in the world right now we cannot afford to spread false information to get people scared or aroused.

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