Latest Crossover Tron in Fortnite with the Light Cycles and New skins


One thing that makes me fall in love with Fortnite and has kept me hooked up on Fortnite is the ability for them to collaborate with trending movies games and other platforms. Now Tron which is one of the popular futuristic movies has made its debut in Fortnite with new skins.

Tron in Fortnite
Tron in Fortnite

Yesterday Fortnite released this latest crossover which will bring the Retrofuturistic world of Tron into the game. As season 5 comes to an end Fortnite is seriously busy adding more features and getting collaborations with different platforms.

You can get the 10 different Tron skin on the Epic store in-game,  also you can get the Light Cycle glider and an Identity Disc pickaxe. All these will make the end of season 5 to be really epic. As the valentine gets closer it’s an opportunity for Fortnite players to win various free skins and complete tasks, with more to be revealed on valentine.


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