The 14 minutes of Horizon forbidding West PS5 gameplay showed us a lot


The Horizon forbidding West still doesn’t have a release date yet, however Sony has take advantage of the state of play to showcase what we are going to be getting when it is finally released. From what we have seen in the 14 minutes of gameplay, we are in for a very wide ride for this next Horizon game.

14 minutes of Horizon forbidding West PS5 gameplay
14 minutes of Horizon forbidding West PS5 gameplay

The state of play event which took place on Thursday presented us with a 14 minutes gameplay footage of Horizon forbidden West from a PS5. During the footage we saw a Aloy our protagonist faceoff with different kind of animal like giant machine Monsters and most especially human enemies in an attempt to uncover mysteries.

Horizon forbidding West have now provided along with a variety of new tools and equipment to handle the post America apocalypse world. Aloy now has a diving mask, hang gliderand  and a grappling hook. We are to use these tools at our disposal to navigate the coast like environment and battle tough machine beast like velociraptor-esque Clawstriders and mammoth-like Tremortusks.

Hopefully this game will be available for both the PS4 and PS5 console when it is released.  and much more later we would expect it to be ported to the PC platform just like they did with the Horizon zero Dawn. 


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