Square wants to keep your bitcoin safe by making a hardware wallet for it


One company called Square has made its intentions known for the future of keeping bitcoin safe and protected. They intend on keeping your bitcoin Safe by making a hardware wallet for it which can not be hacked like the ordinary software wallet everyone has. This was made known by Jesse Dorogusker on Thursday. 

This is what he said exactly “We have decided to build a hardware wallet and service to make bitcoin custody more mainstream, We’ll continue to ask and answer questions in the open. This community’s response to our thread about this project has been awesome – encouraging, generous, collaborative, & inspiring.” 

Apparently Jesse DoroguskerIs obviously a very big fan of Bitcoin and is working on a way to make sure it is more protected than ever. There is even a bitcoin hashtag in his Twitter biography that is open for anyone to see. His love for bitcoin seems to be very deep and why he even indicated that he might be working for Bitcoin in the future. 


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