Sony to enable PlayStation 5 to make use of expanded SSD storage from this summer


Do you know that there is an m.2  solid-state drive slot in the PlayStation 5 that is currently not in use and is disabled by default? Now according to a report coming from Bloomberg Sony is about to enable this SSD  expandable storage the summer as a part of a future firmware that will be coming to the PlayStation 5 this summer.

Sony to enable PlayStation 5 to make use of expanded SSD storage from this summer

Since the ps5 come with an extremely fast SSD which is very must faster than the traditional SSD we see in PCs, any external SSD drive will have to be as fast as the default ps5 SSD. This is so that the external SSD can match up with the default and properly run or store the Play Station 5 games. This will increase the heat generated by the console so PlayStation has confirmed that adding this will increase the fan speed on the PlayStation 5.

But there is another problem, the problem is how do you know a drive that is capable of meeting the standards of the ps5 SSD. Digital Foundry’s Rich Leadbetter has last year said that as expected to get that kind of an SSD with such capabilities will likely be expensive in the short run.

This is what digital foundries said in full “In the short term at least, the advice is simple: don’t buy an NVMe drive without Sony validation if you plan to use it in PlayStation 5. Also remember that extreme bandwidth PCIe 4.0 NVMe drives are likely to be very expensive – in the short term, at least.

“This is cutting-edge technology, after all. Obviously, though, the outlook should improve significantly as the next generation progresses – and prices do tend to drop significantly over time.”


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