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Reusable Qtip, make-up, and cleaning swabs are made up of medical-grade silicone and recycled ABS. Simply use it, wash it and store it for subsequent use. One Reusable Cotton Q Tip may be used over 2000 times, which is nice for the planet!

Reusable Qtip
Reusable Qtip

We dream of making an improved planet for everybody by reducing plastic pollutions. Here is all few gathered information about the Reusable Qtip.

Reusable Qtip

If you’re one in every one of those humans with extra dirty ears or use lots of cotton swabs to use or remove makeup, you almost certainly bear lots of Q-Tips every day. Where do those swabs end up? Either in some land-fill or even the ocean where they’ll take ages to degrade.

What if there was a reusable Q-tip that you simply could use, rather than hunting multiple cotton swabs per day? That’s just what the Reusable Q-Tip Cotton Swab is, and it is a new environmentally friendly thanks to using cotton swabs.

Reusable Cotton Q Tip Description

More about the item:

  • Material: Reusable Cotton Q Tip product of super-soft silicone, it’s very delicate and suitable for all parts of the body.
  • Function: This Reusable Cotton Q Tip can effectively remove dirt, grease, and might also correspond to the ears. It is often reused after cleaning.
  • Color: Made in several different colors, very beautiful, you’ll choose the color you prefer.
  • Easy to clean: The Reusable Q tips are manufactured from soft silicone, as long because the water gently interacts to get rid of dirt, it’s easy to fall off.
  • Light and portable: The Silicone Reusable Ear Swab is light in weight and simple to hold. It will be put into your bag, and a little size doesn’t take up space.

It’s said that humans use 1.5 billion cotton swabs every day, and who knows how long until single-use Q-tips are going to be banned very like we’re setting out to see happen with plastic bags and plastic straws in certain states and cities.

Some cool uses

The Reusable Q-Tip Cotton Swab may be a sustainable alternative to the cotton swabs, cotton buds, and Q-tips.

  • It is super easy to scrub and reuse with some water and a dab of soap.
  • They come in an exceedingly two-pack, one among which is supposed for cleaning, and another that’s designed for makeup and touch-ups.
  • They come with a handy carrying case that holds both reusable swabs to simply take with you anywhere.
  • It’s made up of super soft and versatile nubs on the top of every swab and is great for removing dirt, grease, makeup, and more.
  • Feature a soft-feel tip manufactured from medical silicone. it’s delicate enough to be suitable for sensitive body parts, and then precise that it will become a make-up essential.
  • It even has the resilience to be cleaned thoroughly, enabling long-term use.

This looks like a decent idea, but I feel it might feel pretty weird for many people to use silicone at this time because we are so accustomed to sticking cotton in and around our ears.


But it’s probably a decent idea to induce won’t to it so we don’t kill the earth because we’ve to scrub our ears. For $20 you’ll get two reusable swabs and carrying cases. They are available in ten different colors and that they are available a nubby version for cleaning and a smooth version for applying makeup.


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