Red Magic 6S Pro – REDMAGIC 6S Pro Gaming Mobile Phone


Have you heard o the latest gaming phone Red Magic 6S Pro? The red magic 6S pro is an amazing phone for gamers, if you want to up your mobile gameplay performance a phone is a good option.

The phone has amazingly fast performance buttery smooth screen and it is an impressive value for money. We are going to find out about the red magic 6S pro, its features, price, and the release date on this page.

Red Magic 6S Pro
Red Magic 6S Pro

Red Magic 6S Pro

The real question is whether this phone offers enough for the people who normally go for standard flagship slabs to make the jump to gaming?

Because if there’s anything we learned from the 6R, it’s that a good gaming system can actually make for a great all-around phone.

Red Magic 6S Pro Price

In black, you can pick one up with 12GB RAM and 128GB of storage for $599 (£519) or beef up the specs to 16GB RAM and 256GB of storage for $699 (£609). The version we tested is the transparent model, which is only available with the top specs for $729 (£629). The phone goes on sale on September 27.

Red Magic 6S Pro display

The Red Magic 6S Pro sports a gorgeous 6.8-inch AMOLED display with a 2400 x 1080 pixel resolution, 8-bit color depth, and a 165Hz refresh rate. That last spec, in particular, is essential for nailing gaming performance on a phone, but it also makes for a silky smooth visual experience. What also matters is the touch sampling rate, which on the 6S Pro is up to 720Hz more than twice the 300Hz touch sampling rate of the Asus ROG Phone 5.

Red Magic 6S Pro design

From the geometric line pattern on the back and the bright red gaming mode switch to the customizable RGB fan and space-age industrial styling, Red Magic does not shy away from its gaming base.

Whether that’s a benefit or a detriment is up to individual taste, but for what it’s worth, the opinions of my friends were varied. Those who have built PC towers loved the styling whereas one of my mates had a hilarious realization if you were to ask someone you’re wooing for their number and handed them this phone, they might give you a fake one.

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