QuadPay Alternative: Here are the 5 best to consider


Just as similar as the QuadPay platform, there is another QuadPay Alternative for your shop now pay later feature. These buy now pay later websites and mobile apps are becoming popular these days. Giving options to assist shoppers with their shopping needs, hereby making it easier regarding payment options. Read more on this article to get more QuadPay Alternative for your buy now pay later option.

QuadPay Alternative
QuadPay Alternative

QuadPay Alternative

Though QuadPay is among the buy now pay later applications users can conveniently use either Android or iOS devices. On QuadPay users are allowed to pay their checkout price over 6 weeks, split into 4 payments part. The approval process for QuadPay is almost fast as they offer a zero impact on the user’s credit score. Anyone older than the age of 18 living in the US can use the QuadPay app. All required is a verified mobile number and a US credit or debit card for purchase processes.

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Here are some the 5 QuadPay Alternative

These are the 5 quadpay alternatives that we have picked for you to consider if you’ve been using them for your payments. These apps are have been handpicked for you so I would really be happy if you pick them up and try them out yourself.

1 – Viabill

Viabill’s process is not different from a few other buys now pay later option platforms, there is just a slight change to it. One of the major differences is that they won’t do any credit score check before becoming eligible and also your loan will be automatically be approved during checkout.

You will be required mandatory to pay 25% off your total purchase first then 25% shared per succeeding months. Viabill does not add any additional interest nor mandatory fees. You can sign up for Viabill via checkout on its qualified registered merchant’s websites.

2 – PerPay App – QuadPay Alternative

The PerPay App adjusts its convenience and comforts in a “buy now pay later” payment option a bit differently than other platforms. PerPay does not need to check your credit score to be qualified. Operating on this process only requires you to create a PerPay profile then you will automatically receive an estimate on your spending limit. After that, you can browse on their registered merchant’s marketplace platforms. Add your desired items to cart, and then apply for the checkout process. After been approved, you’ll get an email that would inform you of the payment process and your order.

Items will then be placed on shipping immediately after PerPay receives your first payment.

3 – Splitit

Splitit is yet another payment process solution that gives users access to pay their purchases using your credit card by dividing the checkout prices into fees and interest-free monthly payments. It wouldn’t require any registration or applications to use this payment option. Users can use either your credit or debit with some qualified merchants who accept the Splitit payment option. On either occasion, customers operating on Splitit will be required to pay for the first split of the payment during the purchase point. And afterward, they will be charged accordingly on a monthly which is depending on the installment plan chosen. The use of debit cards may be more restricted, aside from limited merchants unlike credit card usage. There can be a limit in total cost purchased for debit card users, and permitted installments. Splitit works perfectly and fast for Visa and Mastercard customers.

4 – Zebit

Zebit only requires you to fill out a quick application form including details and bank before getting approved, which will only operate in a few minutes. This platform will require you to validate and verify your identity and income but won’t be requiring your FICO score. You just need to be at least 18 years old and above to access the Zebit services. Zebit provides users access to all the latest products available on their merchants. And you’ll be delivered the product instant after ordering with a 0% interest, no membership or late fees, no product repossession, and importantly, your total payments will not exceed the price of your ordered purchase. Zebit gives its users a credit line limit of $2500 and its users have a Zebitscore system that would determine their standing within the platform. This does not affect your Zebit line limit.

5 – PayitLater – QuadPay Alternative

This platform allows you access to purchase now and pay for its later times. It also offers payment method options for merchants too. It’s also pretty understandable. If you are ordering a product, PayitLater’s system will quickly credit scan your details and approve your purchase without any complex forms involved. Then your payment will be split into the next 4 weeks while informing you of your remaining payments via email. As a merchant, you will also be given access to set up a live deferred payments method for your valued important customers.


Well there you have it you have seen our list of the best 5 alternatives that there are for you. It’s up to you to see and try them for yourself to know the one that wrols properly well for you.


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