Popular leakers receive warning letters from Apple 


Apple has continuously and effortfully tried to stop people from finding out what devices they are really working on, I seriously do not know exactly why they do this.  Because  I think that having your product leaked before release build up hype towards its released.  Apple does not think the same way I do and have always tried to make sure their products are kept secret before being released maybe it is due to their lack of innovation. 

Popular leakers receive warning letters from Apple 
Popular leakers receive warning letters from Apple

As a result of that, Kang who is one of the most popular leakers of apple products has received a notice which he posted on Weibo. This notice is about Apple threatening to take legal action against him if he doesn’t stop the leaks. Apple did not only stop there as they also sent admonitory letters to a number of other leaders. Kang being the number one Apple and Mac leaker was top on Apple’s list. 

Kang claimed that he did not sign an NDA nor mislead customers or users of  Apple products, that it is still within his right to make his feeling public about iOS products coming out. He further added that “your company should not interfere with my Weibo.” Kang also told other bloggers not to post anything they do not want to tell the public, that even if they didn’t sign any agreement that companies will still come up with infringement and abuse of commercial information.

Kang has no intention of slowing down according to his statement,  and we are still expecting him to make his feeling public about upcoming Apple products in the future.  On the other side, Apple are yet to make a statement or a comment on the noticed that were sent to leakers. 


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