PlayStation Plus: Here are the Best Free Games to Download Right Now


Who told you that nothing free comes easy? There are lots of free games you can play on the PS4 and PS5 if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription. This subscription will enable you to download and play these games for free no sweat. The PlayStation Plus subscription has evolved a lot not only do you get run-of-the-mill games you might also be lucky and get triple a free game to play.

PlayStation Plus
PlayStation Plus

PlayStation Plus Subscription

If you own a PlayStation 4 or a PS5 you will know it is very much difficult to play online games without a PlayStation Plus subscription. The only consolation is that the PlayStation Plus subscription fee is a small price of $10 a month to pay. You even get more discount when you pay for a year which is $60 as opposed to $120. Now the amazing thing is that getting the PlayStation Plus subscription will give you free games every month. And as I have said above in the introduction most of these games are not worth your while however sometimes you might get lucky and get a triple-A title. 

PlayStation Plus August free games

We are more than a week into the new month of August and yet we are already reaping some of our PlayStation Plus benefits. This is because the month of August free PlayStation Plus games are here and will blow your mind. Free Playstation Plus games for the month of August contain several triple-A titles like final fantasy, God of war, and more. It has never been a happier time to purchase the PlayStation plus membership.

List of Free PlayStation Games for the Month of August

This is one of the best months for those having the PlayStation Plus subscription as the free games of the month of August and out. These games are going to blow your mind as these games are games that were previously sold for lots of money. Without further delay let’s mention them below:

    • Hunter’s Arena: Legends
    • Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville
    • Tennis World Tour 2
    • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End
    • Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy
    • God of War
    • Mortal Kombat X
    • Fallout 4
    • Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition
    • Monster Hunter World
    • Persona 5
    • Resident Evil 7
    • Battlefield 1
    • Call of Duty Black Ops III
    • The Last of Us: Remastered
    • Day’s Gone
    • Detroit Become Human
    • Batman Arkham Knight
    • Infamous Second Son
    • Until Dawn
    • Bloodborne
    • The Last Guardian
    • Ratchet & Clank

All these and more are the games that you can download and enjoy for free when you have the PlayStation plus sub.

List of Free PlayStation Games for the Month of September

This month PlayStation has opt their free PlayStation plus gamers you can play if you have the sub. The last one we saw some of the best Tripple A titles released for PlayStation plus and we were very happy. Without a PlayStation Plus membership, you cannot play PS4 or PS5 online gamers so it’s necessary to have it. But there are more benefits leis we are mentioning in this article. From September 7th members will get free access to some of the best games for free with this sub. these games are listed below:

  • Hitman 2
  • Predator: Hunting Grounds
  • Overcooked: All You Can Eat

If these are not enough you can still go ahead and downbload the August free playstaion plus gamers together and give your self more.




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