Parler’s CEO and Co-Founder John Matze has been Fired


Apparently, the company has not yet recovered from being wiped off the internet by Google and other service providers,  this had led to the sacking of John Matze the CEO and co-founder of the Parler app.

Parler’s CEO and Co-Founder John Matze has been Fired
Parler’s CEO and Co-Founder John Matze has been Fired

According to a document that originated from fox news, the Wall Street Journal, and also a text provided by Reuters Parler’s own board of directors are responsible for firing him. 

If you will recall a few weeks ago when the Capital One building was attacked, Parler was solely to blame for its role in it not adequately managing and moderate the spread of calls for violence.  Of course, Parler denied it and that was not enough for them to escape being wiped off from the face of the internet. As they received banning from Google, Amazon, and other platforms. John Matze in response said this is “A coordinated attack by the tech giants to kill competition in the marketplace.” Apparently, the only thing killed was his CEO career. John also claimed that the reason why he was fired was because of his “strong belief in free speech” and his vision for the product, also “what I believe is a more effective approach to content moderation.”

It is yet to be seen if Parler is going to come back to regain some of its former glory, not especially after losing a lawsuit against Amazon web services for taking down thier hosting of the parler website. However, they have encouraged fans that they will be seeing them soon, at least their website is up and running again.


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