Pac-Man 99 Is a Nintendo switch Battle Royale game


Online games are apparently a thing nowadays they have so many online games making the rounds these days, like PUBG to Call of Duty, Fortnite, and more. Nintendo is taking on the Battle Royale arena with the introduction of the Pac-Man 99. Which is a new multiplayer Battle Royale game that will be included with its Nintendo Switch online subscription service.

Pac-Man 99 Is a Nintendo switch Battle Royale game
Pac-Man 99 Is a Nintendo switch Battle Royale game

We all love and played the classic old Pac-Man game right from the early days and they thought why not make Pac-Man a battle royale game. Just like every Battle Royale game Pac-Man 99 repeats dozens of players against each other to Battle it out in a battle royale-style match to the end, of course, the last person standing is the winner of the Battle Royale.

The game is exactly like the classic arcade original Pac-Man from the early time, but this time will be playing against other players in the Battle Royale. You can become more deadly by eating power pellets, ghosts, and sending “Jammer Pac-Man” over to their screens and lots more.

This game is coming on April 7th when it will be available for everybody with a Nintendo switch subscription to download for free. For now, the game is exclusive to the Nintendo Switch handheld console but might make it to other devices later in the future. 


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