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Open culture is one of the best websites that provides you with cultural and educational content on the internet for free. This website is similar to the internet archive where you can get all things for free.

The website was founded in 2006 by Dan Coleman who is the Director and Associate Dean of Stanford University’s Continuing Education Program. Since then it does not have become a place to get free educational and cultural content even financial assistance.

Open Culture
Open Culture

Open Culture

The open culture website is just like a Blog where news and other forms of contact are regularly posted for public use. According to the website, they are the best Free cultural and educational media on the web.

Apart from having information concerning education and Culture their resources touch on nearly every knowledge base. This means that they are not limited to only education and Culture alone.

Open Culture Categories

As I mentioned above open culture is not limited to only educational and cultural content or resources. The same website also has free movies, online courses, and more that is to show you how diverse they are. Below is the complete category list of the content present on the open culture website:

     Online Courses.


     Degrees & Mini-Degrees.

     Audio Books.







Under these categories, you can find anything you are looking for on the open culture website. Under the language category, you will find links to various resources to learn different languages. That is telling you how good this website is on free resources.

Open Culture Audiobooks

If you love reading or listening to audiobooks this website is one of the best you will ever see that contains free audiobooks. There are over 1,000 free audiobooks that you can download and listen to for free today No need to sign up.

The audiobooks on this website are mostly classic and can be downloaded in MP3 format or iTunes. You will find categories of audiobooks ranging from fiction to poetry and even non-fiction on this website. Some examples are:

     Aesop – Aesop’s Fables.

     Anderson, Sherwood – Winesburg, Ohio.

     Aristophanes – Lysistrata.

     Austen, Jane – Pride and Prejudice (alternative version).

     Austen, Jane – Sense and Sensibility.

     Auster, Paul – Free Stream – “Auggie Wren’s Christmas Story”.

     Auster, Paul – The Red Notebook (read by the author).

     Babel, Isaac – Free MP3 – “The Story of the Dovecote” (read by Nathan Englander).

     Babel, Isaac – “You Must Know Everything”.

     Baldwin, James – “A Letter to My New Nephew” (read by Chris Rock) – YouTube.

     Baldwin, James – The Story of Siegfried.

Open Culture Online Courses

Maybe you like to study online or have an online degree open culture is one of the best places to do that. If you are asking why it is because they provide you with some of the best degrees and mini degrees available.

This website gives you access to Explore Masters, Mini Masters, Bachelors & Mini Bachelors from Top Universities. All you have to do is visit the website and tap on Degrees & Mini-Degrees and look for your choice.

Open Culture Movies

On this website, you have access to over 4000 movies free online to stream or download at your own pleasure. This once I give you access to some of the best classics, indies, film noir, documentaries, and other films.

You can also have access to some of the top-grossing movies and TV series on this website. To access the movies visit and tab on Movies. Then select any of the movies of your choice and you are good to go.



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