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O2tvseries well, I have only one thing to say about this TV series download website it is good for SD and HD series. I personally have been using the O2tvseries website for a very long time and I’m still using it today. This website has all that you will ever need if you are a lover of series movies. It is well-coordinated and they placed their latest release series at the top where you can easily find them. So today we will be looking at 02tvseries and how to download any TV series from there.


Like any other TV series website, O2tvseries has thousands of series available to watch and download. One of the important things about this website is that their series is not as large as other websites and they also have different qualities. so that if you do not have an unlimited internet plan you can use this site without thinking twice. 

02TVSeries A to Z 

O2tvseries A to Z makes it easier for anyone browsing the website either for the first time or a returning user to be able to pinpoint the series they’re looking for.  With a click of you can easily land on the TV series you want to download. When you open the o2tvseries website you will be greeted with the latest TV series that has aired and is available to download. Now when you scroll down past all the latest TV series that are there you will find the list of A to Z. This is an easy way of cataloging series so you can find them easily the first one is A, B, or C. other lists include:

  • All the series starting with D, E, or F. Eg. Dragon Ball Z, Elementary, Fringe, etc.
  • All the TV Series starting with G, H or I. Eg. Gotham, homeland, Into the badland, game of thrones, etc.
  • All the TV Series starting with J, K or L. Eg. Jane the Virgin, Legends of tomorrow, etc.
  • All the TV Series starting with M, N or O. Eg. Murder in the First, New girl, Outsiders, etc.
  • All the TV Series starting with P, Q, or R. Eg. Power, Reign, Revolution, etc.
  • All the TV Series starting with S, T, or U. Eg. Supernatural, Teen Wolf, etc.
  • All starting with V, W, or X. Eg. Vikings, White Collar, etc.
  • All the Starting with Y, Z, or #. Eg. You’re the Worst, Zoo, 24, etc

# are tv-series that start with numbers like 24, 24 legacy, and others. You can tap on any of the alphabets that start the name of the series you want to download,  then select the movie from the list, and then we can download from there. We will talk about how to download the series in detail next.

How to Download from o2tvseries

Every series movie you will ever look for in this life can be found on this website, Even series on Netflix or any new TV series at all can be found on this website. The good news is downloading from this website is as easy as it can be. So let’s see how to download below:

  • Get your desktop computer laptop or your mobile device ready.
  • Using any browser of your choice head over to o2tvseries.com.
  • When the site is fully loaded scroll down to where you have a to z and tap on any of the alphabet containing the name of the movie you want to download.
  • After tapping on the alphabet the list of movies containing the names of movies having that alphabet with the displayed. Now search for the one you want or click on the Next page.
  • After finding the movie tap on the name and it will lead to the next page.
  • Select the season you want and tap on it, then select an episode and also tap on it.
  • Now choose the quality of the series you want to download, either SD or HD. and tap on it.
  • Finally fill in the alphabet with numbers provided on the next page on the box provided and then click on Continue to download.

Once you have tapped on “Continue to Download” the file you are trying to download will start downloading and you can enjoy it after that. Please note that there are some annoying ads that we pop up and others that we open a new tab when using this website.  this is just part of how they make their money to keep the website running.

Popular movies in O2tvseries movies and how to Download

Speaking of TV series there are some popular TV series that are continuously being searched on this website. These movies include The Originals, Power season 5, and others, Now let’s see how to download them below.

O2tvseries The Originals

Original is one of the best vampire movies of all time though I have not seen it but I will soon. To download follow the procedure below:

  • Head back over to the o2tvseries website and then click on the  alphabet list that contains “T”
  • Now scroll down the list that will be shown to you and look for “The Originals” if you can’t find it find click on Next page and continue until you find it.
  • After finding it tap on it and select the season you want to download and the episode and select the quality.
  • Fill in the alphabet and numbers and then click on Continue to Download.

O2tvseries Power Season 5

You can get all the seasons of power on this website but let’s focus on season 5 for the purpose of this article. Let’s see how to download season 5 of power below:

  • Head back over to the website and then select the alphabet that contains “P.”
  • Tap on it and then search for “Power” and tap on it.
  • Select season 5 and tap on it, select an episode tap on it and then select the quality you want.
  • Solve the CAPTCHA problem and then click on Continue to Download.

Using this method you can download any of the TV series on this website free and without breaking a sweat. With this website, you need not have a Netflix or Disney subscription because this website has all movies as soon as they are aired.


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