No more special treatment for politicians on Facebook


Facebook has decided to no longer give room for politicians to have free roam in making a statement on the Facebook platform. This means that Facebook has now decided that politicians on Facebook will have to face the same content moderation rule that a non-politician on Facebook faces.

No more special treatment for politicians on Facebook
No more special treatment for politicians on Facebook

This in turn means that any statement or publication from any politician that goes against Facebook community standards is removed and the publisher might get banned or suspended. Before now politicians on the Facebook platform has free room to say what they like without fear of being suspended by Facebook. but after the trump and the Capitol attack,  Facebook is rethinking this policy.  So now the days of free room for politicians to say whatever they want is over.

This new policy will ban or suspend any politicians on Facebook who will not follow the Facebook community standards. Moving forward from the suspension of Trump the board which was put in place to tackle this issue has given Facebook till June 5th to respond to this policy and start with the implementation. 

Facebook is also trying to implement a strike system that will give a user a strike for breaking any of their rules.  and like every establishment if you break enough rules you will be suspended. 


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