Most Popular Apps In The UK – UK’s Most Popular Phone Apps


The most popular apps in the UK are those app that are must-haves. They are the most used app for business, social, and security purposes. However, in a world with the internet and everything or activities take place online first before in the real life. Information is mostly placed online first and it takes some seconds and minutes to circular.

Most Popular Apps In The UK

However, if you’re in the Uk for vacation, business, or whatever mission, there are apps that will make your stay easier there practically app for everything. Let’s see the most popular app in the UK.

Most Popular Apps In The UK

The popular apps in the UK will require you have a good strong mobile phone. This will enable you to save all the apps you need in the UK. Here are the most popular Apps in the Uk:

Starling Bank

At starling bank, you will sort out your bank account. Especially if you’re new in the Uk first, you’ll need to sort your bank account on arrival. Open a bank account is one of the essential things to do.

Starling Bank is a mobile bank that is operational in the UK. The starling bank app offers a wide range of financial services, these include debit cards and budgeting tools. The bank app will allow you to split any bills with your UK friend. And to deposit money to you can do that at the local Post office in the Uk. Get Starling Bank at

Also, other financial apps include:


In you UK you need shelter over your head and getting your own apartment makes you more comfortable and settled. There are lots of apps that are available for you to download. The apps enhance your house searching making it faster.

Rightmove is one among the numerous Uk property search sites. If you’re renting, buying or just checking out property prices, the app will enable you to get your choice at the property market. Get Rightmove at  Other property apps included SpareRoom(  – they help in flat-sharing in the UK, and Spotahome also help in finding rental properties.

Hello Fresh

Food is another essential thing to fix in the UK. Getting where to eat is a very important business. There are lots of pubs, restaurants, and cafés to see in the UK. There are apps to order your food, local groceries sore or signing up for a recipe box, there are lots of options for you.

HelloFresh makes available tantalizing meal kits directly to your doorsteps. You can sign up with them for weekly delivery and get a treat of fresh and home-cooked meals. Https://   They run in major cities in the UK. Other Uk Food apps are:

  • Just Eat – you will receive a home delivery service from a local restaurant
  • Farmdrop – You can enjoy fresh food that is coming from the field directly to your home

These are a few outlets to get your food delivered to your home.


When you’re new in the UK moving around the city may be a bit challenging. Also, if you know places, bus stops, the metro runs and timing then it will be a lot easier for you. However, in the UK there are many transportation apps online to assist you out.

Citymapper (  is one of the numerous transportation apps in the UK. They operate in the three major cities in the UK; Birmingham, Manchester, and London. With the transport apps, you can plan your movement and use all the means of transportation from using your legs and cycling to trams and carshares. The app-enabled you to keep track of your activity on your personal account, also in saving money and the distance traveled.

Other means of transportation apps are:

  • TFL – this is one of London’s best means of transportation and travel information.
  • National Rail – it is one of Uk-wide train services information and ticket


This is a ride services app that connects you with drivers across the London streets. It started in 2019 and still running to date. Do you have heavy luggage and do not have the strength to go through metro lines let the ride-sharing app help you out.

Kapten is one of such one connect them at Also Uber (  is one of the leading apps too. Same as Santander cycles (

BBC iPlayer

In Uk, BBC iPlayer keeps especially new Londoners to integrate well with the British culture. Catching up with all the current news, sports, and TV shows will be helpful too. It will enhance your English well and what makes the people.

However, the BBC iPlayer is available online, streaming and showing online daily. This app has a wide range of TV Shows, current BBC news, and current affairs to live matches, kids’ shows, and more. There are other apps too including My5 ( All4 ( ITV Hub (


Matalan is a secure online shopping app. It’s an easy shopping site where you can get a huge selection of menswear, gifts, homeware, kidswear, and more. Get them at

When you get online you will see the most popular apps in the UK that are a must-have for you. These apps will make your living pleasurable.


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