more Street Fighter characters coming to Fortnite


If you are a Fortnite player and you happen to love the Street Fighter game then you will be happy to know that more Street Fighter characters and coming into the island. Epic Games is known for bringing different kinds of characters from across all kinds of platforms into fortnite island. This is first to revamp gameplay, add to the storyline, and also to make money alongside. 

more Street Fighter characters coming to Fortnite
more Street Fighter characters coming to Fortnite

Epic game added Chun-Li and Ryu back in February from Street Fighter into Fortnite. Now epic is ready to add new Street Fighter characters to the game as well, they are Guile and Cammy. Chun-Li and Ryu are two of the most popular Street Fighter characters Fortnite added but come August 7th at 8 PM ET. You will be able to purchase Guile and Cammy From the item shop.

Like always Fortnite skins are looking great especially maybe because of the animated graphics it has. I believe so many people are going to be rocking this skin because Street Fighter has so many fans. Both skins will have two different styles when you purchase them however if you want the Cammy skin free early you can go ahead and compete in the Cammy Cup on August 5th.

These skins are coming as a surprise as there have been no word or leaks about arriving in the item shop. At the same time, this period is a busy time for Fortnite as the Ariana Grande concert is right around the corner. During this live event, a lot is going to be happening on Fortnite island and Fortnite gamers have never been happier. There are also going to be lots of Free rewards so if I were you I will never miss this. 


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