MLOps AWS: Machine Learning Operations with Amazon Web Services


The MLOps AWS is referred to as Machine Learning Operations with Amazon Web Services. For a previous couple of years, machine learning has captivated the imaginations of an enormous number of companies. 


Since everyone was doing machine learning numerous companies approved allow machine learning projects overnight. But unfortunately, most of the projects couldn’t even make it to production. 

A recent report maybe a testimonial of such failures that states that only 22% of the machine learning projects see the sunshine of production within the companies.


Such a coffee success rate might suggest that it’s the shortage of machine learning skills that’s the responsible factor. However, an in-depth inspection will reveal that the info scientists of those companies are literally ready to create ML models. But they’re struggling to either deploy or maintain these models in production. And this is often contributing to the failures of the machine learning projects.

Amazon Web Services?

These failures shouldn’t come as a surprise because in such companies’ data scientists usually add silos to make ML models. Except for getting it deployed and maintained in production, they have help from developers and operations. 

Lack of collaboration between the teams is one major reason that impacts the project. But also, since developers and operations, people haven’t any clue about machine learning it creates more gaps and difficulty for maintenance.

Even the software industry wants to have an identical problem a few years back. And that they shifted towards the DevOps model to effectively streamline the software delivery process. 

DevOps methodology brought teams together for better collaboration. And encouraged an end to finish automation with the assistance of DevOps tools and technologies.

Learning from their project failures, the pundits of machine learning industries realized they have something almost like DevOps. And hence the concept of MLOPs was born.

The objective of MLOPs AWS

Since MLOPs springs from DevOps so most of its principles are applicable here also. But the most objective of MLOPs is to quicker deployments and proportion the ML model over a period of your time. 

This is often important because unlike a standard software, an ML system can become stale with degraded performance due to influx of latest sorts of data. Hence MLOPs borrowed the favored methodology of CI/CD which stands for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployments.

CI/CD is achieved with the assistance of pipelines which is nothing. But an end to finish automated process for creating, training, and deploying ML models by eliminating manual touchpoints.

There are many DevOps tools available to assist you design your inhouse pipelines from scratch. However, there are cloud-based platforms like GCP, Microsoft Azure, AWS that also offer end to finish MLOPs services. 

The advantage of using cloud services is that you simply don’t need to develop any MLOPs solution. Instead, you’ll just specialize in creating and delivering ML models.

MLOPs with AWS Ecosystem

Amazon Web Service (AWS) is that the leading cloud service provider and a pioneer within the industry. It offers a mess of cloud services for various sorts of SaaS, PaS, and IaaS solutions. And is powering thousands of well-known companies from the background.


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