Microsoft is ready to buy discord the video gaming chat app for $10B


The discord platform has really grown to one of the most gaming platforms ever known. It now seems that discord is every gamer’s heaven. which is why this game is chat app discord is now on the radar of Microsoft’s next acquisition.

Microsoft is ready to buy discord the video gaming chat app for $10B

If you are a gamer discord will let you play games online with friends and also communicate with them in the process of playing. Now according to Bloomberg it has been made public that Microsoft is in negotiations to purchase the platform. The report states that Microsoft is willing to part with more than 10 billion dollars just to acquire the gaming chat application.

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But, discord has been talking to other potential buyers and has said that no deal has been made yet. Discord is a San Francisco-based startup company that so many gamers including those on YouTube and other platforms used while gaming. This is because the app lets them communicate with each other via video,  voice, or text.

Discord has also confirmed that they have over 250 million registered users and about 100 million monthly active users. On the other hand, it seems Microsoft is busy trying to acquire more companies. They tried to acquire tik-tok and Pinterest and now they have set their eyes on discord. 

We will have to see how this deal will go down in favour of Microsoft.  If it does it will be a huge advantage for Microsoft over Sony.


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