M4V Files: How to Convert and Open M4V Files


M4v files are developed by apple for taking part in iTunes. They’re not a twin of mp4 but somehow, they’re the same. You can convert and M4V to Mp4 through various programs. Mp4 videos aren’t that much secured. As compared to Mp4 M4V videos are more protected. M4V has DRM copy protectors.

QuickTime or iTunes
M4V Files

Mp4 and M4v both are designed by apple and both are MPEG 4 video containers. Similarly, both can run through a variety of codecs for various purposes. M4V containers were specifically designed for apples. Generally, you’ll be able to not use identical video containers for other devices.

M4V Files

The reasons for such security were to safeguard the first content created by iPhones. The tunes and videos specifically created by iPhone cannot be copied because they’re created in M4V containers.

In simpler words, M4V is categorically an apple production intended to secure apple’s content. Specifically, iPhone’s audios and videos. Not only do iPhone this container can keep informed of any Apple device. like iPods etc.

The sole thing that matters is that the name of the manufacturers. This can be why once you try and send files from an iOS system to an android one, you’re unable to proceed.

Many people find it a touch annoying because you’re restricted to just one phone type when it involves share and transfer data. Maybe this is often the explanation why Apple products are so unique apart from their cameras.

Opening an M4v video in your Windows computer

Opening an M4v contained video is as easy and easy as Mp4. This is often thanks to the similarities between these two container types. The media players sometimes take both these formats as identical and proceed with the identical procedure.

For opening up, an M4V video just opens it with a windows media player, with no issue your sounds are not off course. In case you’ve got another media player and that they are asking you to begin up.

Select the mP4 format because again and again the media players aren’t programmed with the mp4 containers. they’ll then act like windows media players and since of similarities, M4v containers are played like an Mp4.

How to play m4v files on mac

There are times where the M4v file would not play with default QuickTime or iTunes however you can use other players to open the file. All you have to do is to right-click on the file in the finder and then select Open with and choose any other player. Players like vlc and Bs players are recommended.

Converting M4v to mp4

This is not a difficult task if you’re unable to play your apple’s video and audios on your computer or other unauthorized apple’s devices.

  • Install the convertors: First, you’ll should download a converter. you’ll get any reliable one through play stores or online. you’ll get any of them. But confirm that you simply have checked the reviews before you decide for any of them.
  • Select the videos: Now l, chose the files which you are doing not want in M4v format. After you’ve got queued them up confirm that the files are virus-free. If they’re not clean and scan them. While you are doing so. Delete them from the convertor. Now add them again
  • Select the required format: Most of the video converters have gotten quite one options. confirm that you simply have preset your converter. The output must be of Mp4. Otherwise, you’d be wasting some time. Another pro to read every function of the converter before operating it. This can facilitate you understand what you must do.
  • Convert: Now click on the convert button and you’re able to change the containers and formats of these files. While it’s happening ensure that the system is okay with it. Sometimes we ignore the warnings from the system. It may be very risky. Keep your eyes on the screen for avoiding any quite inconvenience shortly.
  • Play and check: You won’t be recognizing the difference initially, moreover, 8t wouldn’t be important which moment. Just check the smoothness and quality of the video first. If that’s retained then move to the following step. Play the video on various platforms like your transportable.

If it’s working then you’ve got successfully converted m4v video to mp4 format, if it’s not playing then try some different converter.


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