LeBron James is Coming to Fortnite This Week, Is it Free?


Do you know that street LeBron James is coming to Fortnite? Epic game has additional one extra street fighter icons in Fortnite; LeBron James skin has prepared their entrance in the game’s item shop.

Both skins looks great, you will be able to access and buy it in the item shop. Fortnite has announced that an innovative challenger LeBron James is making his way to the island. In other for you to get to play as LeBron early you should complete the required task.

LeBron James is Coming to Fortnite This Week

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LeBron James Is Coming To Fortnite This Week

LeBron James is the latest celebrity that will enter Fortnite metaverse. Since July 14th Fortnite players has been able to purchase two diverse versions of the NBA star.

This is a regular LeBron with a handful; of outfits and a modeled after his role in the approaching movie Space Jam: A New Legacy. The two skins and its accessories will be available also as part of a bundle.

The two skins will sport the player’s upcoming shoe which is the Nike LeBron 19. One of the optional outfits from 2018 pays homage to a classic LeBron game day look.

Is LeBron coming to Fortnite?

LeBron James is coming to Fortnite officially as the game has revealed images of his skins. He will be the latest star to release as part of Fortnite’s icon series skins. It may feature so many prominent athletes and characters from movies and shows.

When Can I Get LeBron James On Fortnite?

The celebrity LeBron James has officially arrived in Fortnite. All players can now use these guidelines to find out how to get LeBron James on Fortnite. The LeBron James character is already available in the Fortnite’s items icon.

How do I get LeBron Fortnite?

The character has the appearance of a famous artist and athletes; they are part of Fortnite’s icon series. Because of that LeBron character cannot be earned by completing quests and challenges. You can get the LeBron character by purchasing it.

How Much Does LeBron James Fortnite Cost?

The LeBron James character has been launched on Fortnite item shop. And will only be there for a limited period of time.

The costume originally costs 3500 V-Bucks. But Fortnite players are offered a discount to get it for only 2500 V-Bucks.


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