Kartra Reviews 2021: Kartra Pricing Overview, Kartra Video, and More


We live in a time where everything is digital even a business you run from the comfort of your bedroom is advised to have an online presence to grow.  What about if you have a legitimate business you are running? Managing your own business online is not as easy as you think until you own one.  There is a lot of services to be managed like your landing page,  automation services online courses software, and more that your business will need to run properly. All these cannot be easily managed by you but with the help of the Kartra software, all your online activities for your business can be handled correctly.


What is Kartra

Simply put, Kartra is a business software that takes care of your business online activities. This will in turn boost your customer satisfaction and customer return rate for your business. They provide specialized functions that will help manage all your online business activities in an appealing manner for your customers. 

The most important thing is that it provides all-in-one assistance for all activities, not just one or two. While other software like Kajabi, Infusionsoft, and Leadpages Can provide you with only one service each Kartra does the opposite. This means that they provide you with all the online services your business needs. 

Features of Kartra

If you have been paying attention to this article you will know by now that Kartra provides all your online business needs for your business. Now the services Kartra provide include the following listed below:

  • Website Hosting
  • Funnel Building
  • Affiliate Management
  • Marketing Automation
  • Landing Page Design
  • Page Building
  • Email Marketing

From the list above you will discover that they offer a wide range of business services all-in-one for your business. If you were to give different online business software teach of the services listed above it will cost you more. and being a good business person means reducing your cost where necessary. This is why having different online business managing software managing your business is a bad idea.

Kartra Pricing Overview

Pricing is one of the aspects where most people who are actually interested are turned away. But I will assure you of one thing, that is using kartra for all your business online need is far cheaper than using different business platforms. 

Now there are 4 different packages that Kartra offers which are the Starter, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. The prices are $99 per month for starter,  $199 per month for silver,  $299 per month for gold, and lastly 499dollars per month for the Platinum package. However, being as expensive as they are you can actually try out any of the packages you want for  $1 for 14 days.  after which you will have to subscribe to any of the packages for full or cancel your subscription. For more on the pricing, head over to this link. If you are ready to get started after clicking on the link tap on Start trial below any of the packages you want. This will kick off your 14 days trial for $1 you will get.

Kartra Video

Kartra also provides you with enhanced video marketing software to produce and properly market your video if you want. Natural will properly hold your video comparing CTAs, banners, captions, and buttons, and even “share on social to unlock.” So that you can adequately share your videos at any point you want during the video.

They can also automatically enable other functions based on your viewer’s behavior with your videos, which can act as email followups, entry into a special offer funnel, list subscriptions, and more.

You can get started with the Kartra video with just one Dollar by clicking on this link 

Download kartra video

At any point in time videos, you made using this service can easily be downloaded anytime you like from the Kartra platform. 3rd party application can also be used to download your videos from Kartra.


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