Jinx from League of Legends is coming to Fortnite


League of Legends is one of the most popular games on this planet Earth with millions of players worldwide.  And one of the most popular characters of League of Legends is Jinx, who is getting ready to make her crossover to the fortnite Island. She is also going to be starring in a new upcoming Netflix movie called Arcane.

Jinx from League of Legends is coming to Fortnite
Jinx from League of Legends is coming to Fortnite

Fortnite players should get enough of Vbox ready because she is going to be made available on the item shop from 8 PM ET Thursday. It seems that Fortnite is not letting go of his cross-over anytime soon. The Halloween event that just ended a few days ago saw a lot of different crossovers including Rick Grimes from walking dead, Frankenstein’s monster, and more.

The world of Fortnite is buzzing very hard this period with lots of rumors that Fortnite chapter 2 Season 8 will be the last season in chapter 2. That Fortnite is going to go straight to chapter 3 with a new map when season 8 and. Several leaks and theories have suggested this. Even as far as to the new cube Queen that has been made available as a secret skin on Fortnite.

Arcane Is set to premiere on November 6th on Netflix however fornite is not the only game in collaboration. PUGB one of the most successful and most popular mobile games is actually also going to be receiving Arcane-inspired weapons and gear, characters, and map locations” in mid-November.


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