iPhone 13 Release Date: When will Apple Release the iPhone 13?


There have been a lot of leaks, rumors, and buzz about the iPhone 13 specs and release date as of late. Although there is no official news about when apple is going to release its upcoming iPhone 13. We can’t help ourselves but keep speculating on the release of this new series of iPhone devices.

iPhone 13 Release Date
iPhone 13 Release Date

The iPhone 12 went on sale for almost a year now still no date for the iPhone 13. Other companies do not wait more than 6 months before releasing their next major flagship  However Apple is so confident that they can wait for almost a year to release a new device.  Samsung has recently adapted to a new timeframe of releasing their devices early ahead of the competition to stay in front. Apple seems not to be moved by the competition and always released its product whenever they think necessary.

You should know that Apple has always operated under the policy of only fixing it when it is broken. But what exactly are they waiting for before releasing the iPhone 13? 

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iPhone 13 release date

There is no exact release date yet for this device as Apple has kept a tight lip, however, we are speculating it could be coming in September. This is because the iPhone 12 was also released in September last year. Also, we are likely to see an online event for the iPhone 13 when it is finally ready. 

iPhone 13 Variants

As always we are expecting to see four variants of this device just like the iPhone 12. These are the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max. This is according to the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.


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