iPhone 13 Leaked and its a Leap from the iPhone 12

The iPhone 13 rumors and leaks have already started and it is quite a leap from the iPhone 12, even though the phone is still fresh. Though it is hard to predict Apple this far ahead some leaks about the iPhone 13 leaks reveal some fascinating potential changes. Also, there is news that Apple may offer at least one iPhone 13 model with a portless design which now possible due to MagSafe charging.

iPhone 13 Leaked
iPhone 13 Leaked

Latest iPhone 13 News that have been leaked

A leak from Jon Prosser has claimed that the phone will have an upgraded display finally opting for a 120Hz refresh rate and LTPO panel.

  • The phone is to be released on Friday fourth of September 2021.
  • iPhone 13 will have four sizes so we can expect a 5.4 inch, a 6.1 inch, a 6.1-inch pro, and a 6.7-inch pro max.
  • The iPhone may be portless. A tweet from tipster Jon Prosser spells it out clear as day that there will be one port free iPhone in 2021 and eventually they will go both ways.
  • iPhone 13 notch and TrueDepth camera. It has been rumored in early 2020 the phone notched could be reduced into a narrower and more slender form for iPhone 12. The iPhone prototype has a 6.7-inch display with face IF and a TrueDepth camera system housed in the top bezel. With this in mind, it is possible Apple will introduce the change for iPhone 13.
  • iPhone 13 Touch ID. Now Apple has never released a phone that has both Touch ID and Gave ID.  A leaker named Jioriku on Twitter claims to ha e saw an early prototype of the phone. The new phone is described as an iPhone 12 with extra steps and he also claims that the new phone does not feature Touch ID.
  • iPhone 13 specs 5G and more.  It has been revealed that  Apple has the plan to use Qualcomm X60 5G modem in upcoming iPhones which also likely include iPhone 12. This is important as the 5 nanometer X60 modem can integrate directly into a chipset of a phone.
  • iPhone 13 batteries. The iPhone 12 battery life did not exactly wow only its pro max truly made an impression. A leak says that the iPhone 13 will be more impressive in battery life. 

There a chance that we will hear more concrete details on the phone after the iPhone 12 settles.

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