Instagram ads confirm we are still getting the Horizon Forbidden West in late 2021


Ads running on the Instagram platform have captured some pictures and information about the Guerrilla Games sequel for the year 2021.  The games include Horizon 2, returner which was delayed, and other games scheduled to be released this year. This has somehow cleared The Air that we are still getting our hands on Horizon Forbidden West before the Year comes to an end. 

Instagram ads confirm Horizon Forbidden West in late 2021
Instagram ads confirm Horizon Forbidden West in late 2021

Many games has been delayed this year with SIE CEO Jim Ryan Blaming it on the coronavirus pandemic, while he was being interviewed.  He also feels pretty good and he confirmed that we are on track to expect the release of the Horizon forbidding West before the end of this year.  He further stated that however if there is the need for delay then it is inevitable.

This is what he said exactly “There are two approaches to this: you can either hold the date and put out the game irrespective of quality or you can ship it when it’s right,” he also added. “We have always taken the latter approach. There have been some fairly high-profile instances of publishers trying the former approach.

“It never works at the best of times. But I think in this world, where creative people are working remotely, you’ve just got to respect the fact that that development needs to take what it needs to take and to get the games right.”

He further said this about the coronavirus disruptions for the upcoming games that have been delayed. “Games that were targeting a year from now or beyond? There’ll be some impact, but they’ll be able to react,” he said.


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