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IMDb TV used to be a popular place where people go to look up a movie description, review, ratings, and more but it has now become so much more. This is because Amazon has launched IMDb TV in the UK which is now a new streaming platform. Although the service has been in the US for a long time it’s only recently launched in the UK.


What is IMDb TV

Just like Netflix, Hulu or HBO IMDb TV is a free on-demand streaming service. That gives users access to stream movies. Users can either stream movies using the website or using their mobile application that cuts across many platforms.

Is IMDb TV Free

To stream, this service for free users has to put up with Commercials that are inserted intermittently on the content they are watching. If you do have a Fire TV this service will be available to you to stream for free and without ads. IMDb TV is now owned by tech-giant Amazon Who purchased it and switched its focus towards on-demand tv.


If you have a mobile device then you are in luck because you would be able to watch the IMDb TV from your phone. The IMDb TV is present on almost all devices that are available today and can be streamed on all of them.

This application can also be used on Amazon Prime video on Amazon Fire TV because Amazon now owns IMDb TV. So if you do not have a mobile device you can simply use it on your television.

On Android or iOS, the application can be downloaded easily from the app store or the Play Store. If you use Amazon Prime Video and Amazon Fire TV then the application is preinstalled on them. For other devices, you might need to download the Amazon Prime video application in order to access IMDb TV.

IMDb TV Shows

Before we talk about IMDb TV shows, movies, and others it is important to note that this service is free to use on-demand platform. Although they make use of ads to generate revenue in keeping the service running you should not expect many latest movies here.

That being said the content on IMDb TV is quite as good as any other free streaming service available out there. In fact, they are even better than others in terms of movies and TV shows they have in stock.

There are a lot of popular movies on the streaming services such as Die Hard, Taken, Little Miss Sunshine, and more. When it comes to Tv series will be stuck with some of the best old series in the world. We have the likes of Mad Men, 24, Lost, Malcolm in the Middle, and Bewitched.

It is safe to say that you are getting exactly what you deserve even though they are not the latest movies and TV series. The good news is that this platform keeps getting better and more movies and TV series will be added as Time Goes On

How to Watch IMDb TV

Definitely to watch this service you have to have an internet connection to download the app and stream. Once that is done you need to sign up before you will have access to start streaming.

You can either use an email address, Amazon, Facebook, or Google account to do so. Once that is done you can now start streaming away and enjoy some good quality movies.


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