Huawei’s P50 series is set to be unveiled at a launch event on July 29


Huawei is one of the best Chinese phone makers out there. After the launch of the Huawei p40 more than a year ago, they are now ready to move forward by revealing the next device in the series which is the P50. And have announced that the next flagship phone the P50 will be unveiled at a launch event on July 29. This announcement was made public on their different social media account on Tuesday.

Huawei's P50 series
Huawei’s P50 series

While other smartphone makers like Samsung,  Apple,  Xiaomi, and others do not even wait for a year to complete before releasing the next lineup of devices in the series, The P50 is coming more than a year after the p40. Looking back the Huawei p40 is one of the best devices Huawei has ever released and we are expecting the P50 to be even better.

According to Richard Yu  who is the head of Huawei’s consumer business group he said that “the P50 series will mark a new era of mobile imagining.” This was posted to Weibo and that a “new mobile imaging technology” will come with the release of the P50 devices. This means that we are to be expecting either a new smartphone technology or just technology on its own. We should remember that Huawei is one of the best innovative smartphone companies. 

No word about how many devices will be coming out in the P50 series however, we have always thought it best to be three devices. The 3 devices will be the regular P50, P50 Pro, and finally, P50 Pro Plus. The lunch day which is on Thursday will be a china lunch but the devices are expected to be sold internationally including in Europe and the United Kindom.


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