How to watch President Joe Biden’s first press conference


Months after the election and the swearing-in of  American 46th president Joe Biden, he is yet to appear in a press conference. This has caused a lot of scrutiny and confusion among American citizens for the reason of his absence in a press conference. But things are about to take a u-turn as President Biden is set to hold his first solo press conference. so without waste let’s see How to watch President Joe Biden’s first press conference.

How to watch President Joe Biden's first press conference
How to watch President Joe Biden’s first press conference

The president has faced a lot of scrutiny from critics, the American public, and so on all about the unusually long absence of a press conference. Although he normally takes questions from members of the media during appearances in public, He has never been in a press conference since he took over the position in January.  But that is about to change as president Biden’s first press conference details have already been made known.

What time will the press conference be held?

President Biden is scheduled to hold his first press conference ever on Thursday since taking office in January. The press conference will take place at exactly 1:15 p.m. ET in the East Room of the White House. This information was made known by the Biden’s administration on Wednesday.

Where to watch Joe Biden’s first press conference

Anywhere you are in the world if you tune in at exactly 1:15 p.m. ET You will be able to catch the first-ever president Joe Biden’s press conference.  Because the press conference will be streamed live on several TV networks. These networks include  CNN, CBS News, Fox News, and MSNBC.

The 46th president of America Joe Biden took office in January and since then has been expected to address the American public and the world in a press conference that has not been forthcoming. and this has raised serious scrutiny and criticism for the president, 

He has been on seat for 9 weeks without a solo press conference which has been the longest of any president in the history of America. Well considering the fact that things have never been the same since the coronavirus,  if you ask me I will say desperate times desperate measures.


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