How to use the Satisfying Disney+ GroupWatch Feature


In a pandemic, streaming has in some ways become more communal than it had been before bringing the Disney+ GroupWatch. Twitch streaming is on the increase, and Netflix Party synchronizes video playback and adds a bunch of chat functions in order that you and your friends can watch Netflix together online from anywhere within the world. And naturally, since every other streaming service is chasing the market leader, it absolutely was only a matter of your time until similar innovations were extended across the SVOD field. On Tuesday, the rapidly growing Disney+ formally introduced GroupWatch.

Disney+ GroupWatch
Disney+ GroupWatch

Meet the Disney+ GroupWatch

Similar to Netflix Party, Groupwatch allows up to seven different Disney+ subscribers to look at the identical TV series or movie at the identical time via synchronized video playback. To start, the feature has been made available within the U.S, but will soon be extended in Europe later this fall. Initially, a test version was extended in Canada on September 10 and in Australia and New Zealand on September 18. Clearly, Disney was pleased with the results.

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DisneyPlus GroupWatch

The home confinement forced by the coronavirus likely made Groupwatch a priority at the Magic Kingdom as normal movie-going experiences and television watch parties are disrupted. In late May, the Disney-controlled Hulu unveiled Hulu Watch Party and Amazon added a co-watching feature to Prime Video in June. The hope is that the communal viewing option might attract more subscribers. At this rate, we may never see another external body part in the flesh again.

Disney+ GroupWatch Eligibility

Each Groupwatch participant must have their own Disney+ subscription so as to utilize the new function. Every user can pause, play, rewind, or fast forward the video for the full viewing party. GroupWatch is out there via the Disney+ website, Android and iPhone apps, smart TVs, and other connected devices, so access shouldn’t be a controversy for eager audiences. to start out a Groupwatch, you just click the icon under the title from your phone or the Disney website and send a link to your fellow viewers.

Disney+ Groupwatch Feature

While Disney+ Groupwatch doesn’t yet feature a talk function like Netflix Party’s, users can react with emojis. If we’ve learned anything from texting over the last five years, it’s that emojis may alright be enough to hide the whole spectrum of communication.

What is the Disney+ Groupwatch feature?

The GroupWatch is a feature of the Disney+ that allows users to watch any title on their device with their personal friends and family virtually through an app. GroupWatch automatically syncs users’ streams so that they can easily watch together, even when far from each other.

How to invite people to a Groupwatch

Inviting others to a Groupwatch can only be operated by the host from their mobile device or computer via the web. Follow the steps below to invite friends and families to your Groupwatch:

On mobile phone:

  • Login to your Disney+ app.
  • Select the GroupWatch icon (multiple user icon) on the Title Details page to begin a GroupWatch.
  • Tap on the Invite button in the platform to get an invite link.
  • Then select your preferred process for sharing the invite link to family or friends.

On computer:

  • Enter the Disney+ URL
  • Login to your account.
  • Click on the GroupWatch icon.
  • Select the invite button to get the link.
  • Click on Copy Link to get the link copied.
  • Share it directly with friends and families.

And there you got it. Share and enjoy your Disney+ Groupwatch feature.

Groupwatch not unavailable

Here are some reasons why the GroupWatch might not work after clicking on the link:

  • If the Groupwatch is for Premier Access and it has not been unlocked on your Disney+.
  • When there are already 7 connectors to the Groupwatch, you won’t be able to join.
  • If the Groupwatch has ended, then you can’t access it anymore.
  • Users who have exceeded the limit of 4 streams at the same time on one account won’t be able to join.
  • If the feature isn’t available in your region, you can’t join.
  • Users logged in as kid profile won’t be able to access the GroupWatch link.

Be sure to check in if you are eligible to use the Groupwatch feature.


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