How to Turn yourself into a Cartoon for your Zoom Calls


Who said that you can’t have fun while having a meeting or a work call on zoom.  In fact, these days zoom is becoming lots of fun. If you really want to shock, aggravate or make fun of your colleague here is one way to do that. It is by turning yourself into a cartoon during a zoom call. So if you want to know more about that then read this article about how to turn yourself into a cartoon for Zoom calls.

How to Turn yourself into a Cartoon for your Zoom Calls
How to Turn yourself into a Cartoon for your Zoom Calls


Zoom’s sudden rise in popularity is like one we have never seen before. During the Coronavirus where there was total lockdown almost everywhere in this world, Zoom became a thing of necessity. This is because there was no physical contact and Zoom became that connection between friends and family. Hence it’s quickly rising to fame during the lockdown. and fortunately, it remained famous. 

However, the makers of z are now thinking of different creative ways to make some calls easy and fun. And Snapchat is doing very good work at that,  recently a  lawyer turned himself into a cat while having a work call. The funny part was that he was stuck with the cat filter throughout the entire call because he couldn’t figure out how to turn it off.

Snapchat’s Desktop App

Snapchat’s desktop app Is just like the mobile app however only for the desktop, this is the app to use if you want to turn yourself into a cartoon. The recent update that Snap pushed over to this desktop app makes it possible to cartoon yourself. 

I know kids will love this feature so much but Grown-Ups can also use this feature just For Fun during work meetings. If you have ever wondered if you would be able to turn yourself into one of your favorite cartoon personalities, or even look just close enough? That is why this feature has been updated on Snap. 

With this feature, you can turn yourself into a generic DreamWorks / Pixar creation just like in the movies.  and have a very fluent and funny zoom conversation with your colleagues,  surprising them in the process. 

How to turn yourself into a Cartoon for your Zoom calls 

I know for a fact that you are already excited and eager to try this on your next on call. So let’s not waste any more time. Let’s see How to turn yourself into a cartoon for your Zoom calls:

  • First of all Head over to the Snapchat website.
  • Then tap on the yellow Download button.
  • Now give access to your microphone and camera apps.
  • The next thing is to start the Snapchat camera and also start your Zoom application.
  • On Mac, devices click on preference on your Zoom app and select Video in the top menu. While if you are using a PC you should click on the Gear item which is at the upper right of the app and then select Video
  • Now you will see the drop-down menu which is labeled “Camera” click on it and select Snap Camera.
  • Next, go to the Snapchat camera app that you have downloaded and select the Cartoon Style Filter

Once you have clicked on it the filter will be automatically applied and you can minimize the Snapchat camera and go back to zoom. When you get back to zoom you will find out that you are now a cartoon looking like something from a Disney or a Pixar movie.


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