How to turn on Microsoft New Xbox Night Mode 


Microsoft has been working tirelessly to make sure the new Xbox night mode feature is made available for all Xbox users. In recent times there has been a great need for the night mode feature so many apps now come with night mode including mobile devices. Even social media like Facebook, Twitter, and others now have night mode features. Now it is time for the Xbox to have the night mode abilities.

How to turn on Microsoft New Xbox Night Mode 
How to turn on Microsoft New Xbox Night Mode

Microsoft Xbox Night Mode

The Microsoft Xbox night mode is a cool feature and it will enable you to turn off screens, controller, LED brightness, and even the Xbox power button. Whenever you like to preserve your eyes so that you can fall asleep easily.  Blue light is one of the major problems that give people sleepless nights and that is what night mode is really made to tackle. When your lights are dim when using a particular app like your screen your Xbox power button or your controller to reduce the risk of you not going to sleep quickly when you are done.  This is the major reason Xbox is pushing this update to the Xbox console.

Night Mode features

Microsoft night mode has lots of features and various customizations that will help users when playing games on their Xbox. Using this mode you can also set your schedule to adjust the brightness level of your hardware. Below are some of the features of the  Microsoft Xbox night mode:

  • You can schedule the time to turn off and on your night mode.
  • The night mode feature can be adjusted to specifically match sunset and sunrise.
  • You have control over the brightness feature and you can adjust it the way you like.
  • HDR mode can be blocked to stop high brightness levels.
  • Night mode can also be set to switch between different kinds of themes according to the time of day.
  • All lights can be dimmed from both your screen controller and your power button.

Now that you have seen that the night mode feature is one of the sweetest features to hit the Xbox console. It’s time for you to give it a try once it hit Xbox devices.  this feature is certainly a must-have for all consoles. 

How to turn on Night Mode

You have seen the features of this incredible night mode that Microsoft is pushing to Xbox. It is time to know how exactly to turn it on. because this feature is going to help you a lot and save you tons of sleepless nights after using the Xbox console. The process is very easy and straightforward just carry out follow the procedure below:

  • On your controller press, the Xbox button to open the Guide menu.
  • Now navigate and find the Settings menu.
  • The next thing is to select Preference.
  • Finally select Night mode.

Once you have activated the night mode you will now have access to customize the night mode exactly how you want it.  All the features we have listed above can be customized on the night mode app to make it perfectly suits your style. 


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