How to Hide Chats on WhatsApp Without Archive


We as humans all value our privacy, it will be a disaster and problem if someone’s privacy is violated. It is now more important than ever as the world advances that one’s privacy is kept secret. This also applies to keeping our private chat private. Forever WhatsApp users have sought a way to keep their chats private and hidden from others and have failed, until now. That is why I will be showing you how to hide chats on WhatsApp without archive.

How to Hide Chats on WhatsApp Without Archive
How to Hide Chats on WhatsApp Without Archive

WhatsApp Archive

Before now many WhatsApp users have been using the WhatsApp archive to hide their chats but have failed miserably. This is because any chat you archive we stayed hidden while no new message is received. However, the moment a new message is received archived chat will pop back up to the top of your received messages. This is what is defeating the purpose of hiding chats on WhatsApp. 

New Archive Setting

But now there is hope. WhatsApp has released a new feature that will make archived chat stay archived and will not pop up when new messages are received. This means that it is now possible to truly hide chats on WhatsApp. This new archive setting will make any archived chats stay archived even if a new message pops up.

This is made possible by moving hidden chats into a separate folder and not allowing them to appear in the main section, therefore, hiding your shot.

How to keep Chats hidden on WhatsApp

To hide your chat and have them stay hidden follow the procedure below:

  • Open your WhatsApp application.
  • Tap on the More Options section of your WhatsApp chat tab.
  • Now select Chats, and select Chat History, and finally top on Archive all Chats.

Once that is done the new WhatsApp archive feature will be enabled for all your archived chats. And you can also send a chat into the archive by tapping and holding the chats and selecting Archive.

When this is done you will no longer receive any notification about your archived chats. However, if you do mention or reply to them you will then start to get notifications about them.



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