How to Get the Latest Apple iOS Update On your device


It’s been a protracted, bumpy road planning to iOS 14.3. As is becoming typical for Apple now, the first releases of iOS have their justifiable share of problems. But iOS 14.3 seems to be that turning point where things are becoming better.

How to Get the Latest Apple iOS Update On your device
How to Get the Latest Apple iOS Update On your device

On the full, it seems that individuals are quite happy. Or a minimum of there doesn’t seem to be much complaining about problems on social media, Reddit. Or the Apple support forums that I’d expect if there have been some showstopper bugs.

Apple iOS Update

What I’m seeing is an improvement in battery life and performance, especially on older devices. It feels to me also like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are more stable during this release.

But some issues seem to stay. I’m seeing reports from users that the notifications bug basically where you do not get notifications continues to be affecting some. I’ve heard from one reader who had this problem who said that a full reset of the iPhone solved this, which leads me to think that this might either be a settings bug. Or that perhaps users have accidentally disabled notifications and it’s quite easy to do.

iOS 14.3 Update

With that in mind, if you are not getting the notifications that you simply predict. Users just have to go to Settings > Notifications and checking that things are as they must be. For example, if you are not seeing notifications for Messages, scroll right down to Messages. Ensure Allow Notification is on, which things are set for you to receive the notifications you wish.

Apple iOS 14.3 Update Installation

I’ve also had some reports of rapid battery drain after installing iOS 14.3. But to be honest, I do not worry about battery drain until the iPhone has been through some recharge cycles on the new update. It is a little too early to draw solid conclusions for this. But folks who ran the betas reported seeing improvements. And this is often in line with what I’ve experienced.

How to Update your iOS

Follow the steps to download and install the iOS 14.3 update and any other update that will come in the feature:

  • Get your device plugged into power.
  • Connect to the internet with WIFI.
  • Tap on Settings.
  • Select General, then tap on Software Update.
  • Tap on Download and Install. Be sure there is space on your device to run the iOS 14.3 update downloaded.
  • The update will be downloaded within a while.
  • Tap on Install.
  • It will take a while and the installation process will begin to run.

After a few minutes, your device will be updated to the latest Apple iOS Update version 14.3. As I have mentioned about this procedure can be carried out anytime there is a new update even in the feature.

Customize Automatic Updates

Instead of taking the time that you may not necessarily have to go through the process of updating your iPhone and also waiting for the update to complete. You can simple set the Customize automatic updates feature. This will enable your device to update automatically at night while charging. This will save you time and stress, to do that check the procedure below:

  • Go to the phones Settings > General > Software Update.
  • Now Tap on Automatic Updates and then turn on Download iOS Updates.
  • Finally turn on Install iOS Updates.

Once this is done your device will start to update automatically saving you time and stress.


Again, iOS updates put additional pressure on an iPhone. And this will uncover problems like a battery that’s wearing out. It would not be iOS that’s answerable, but it would just be that your iPhone is getting old.

If you’re having problems, I like to recommend taking a glance at battery wear in Settings > Battery > Battery Heath. If the Maximum Capacity is a smaller amount than 80 percent, then you would like a replacement battery.


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