How to get Instagram on your Samsung watch


If you a looking for a way to use Instagram on your Samsung watch, I think you are in the right place at this time. Most Samsung watches users have been looking forward to knowing if their Samsung smartwatch is able to access Instagram. Talking about Instagram, across the world Instagram is one of the favorite social media apps.

How to get Instagram on your Samsung watch
How to get Instagram on your Samsung watch

It is used as a platform to share moments, photos, and videos with friends and family by millions of people around the globe. On Android and Apple smartphones Instagram is a top-rated app, the active users daily are over millions. Yes, most knows how to put and install Instagram on their smartphone. Am going to be showing you how to put Instagram on Samsung wearables.

How to get Instagram on your Samsung Watch

As is said above through this article you will be able to know how to get Instagram on your Samsung watch. I can assure you that Instagram is specifically accessible on the Samsung Gallaxy watch and Gear s3 smartwatches.

With pretty much features the Galaxy watch and the Gear S3 are some of the premium smartwatches available in the market, they both runs on the latest Tizen 4.0 OS, and it is been hosted with many modern features. Through their wrist, they can have easy access to their Instagram. Instagram is not really available on Samsung smartwatches but there are means to use it.

Instagram on Samsung Smartwatch

To use Instagram on a Samsung smartwatch you have to follow some simple steps to stay connected with your friends and love ones. These are the steps to use Instagram on your Samsung smartwatch.

  • The first step to take is to pair your smartwatch with your smartphone.
  • On your device go to settings and select the manage notification option
  • Then you activate the Instagram notification.
  • Your Instagram account should be connected to your Samsung smartwatch.
  • After that, your Samsung smartwatch has successfully activated Instagram.
  • Swipe to the left, to see notifications and posts from your friends.

You should take note that it is not available on the Galaxy Apps Store, so it can not be downloaded or installed on your Samsung smartwatch for now. You can only see posts and notifications from your friends and people who you are following. which you can instantly respond to them easily through your Samsung smartwatch.


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