How to Activate Aldi Sim Card Via The Website & Mobile App

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If you have just received your Aldi SIM card activated it is a piece of work and in this article, today I’m going to show you how to do that. This article is about How to Activate Aldi Sim Card via the Website & Mobile App. Because if you do not activate your SIM card it will be impossible to make use of it. So all you need to do is simply follow me today as I take you on the journey of how to activate an Aldi SIM card.

How to Activate Aldi Sim Card Via The Website & Mobile App
How to Activate Aldi Sim Card Via The Website & Mobile App


Aldi Mobile Activate

If you are planning on switching to Aldi mobile one of the things you are going to be doing first after you have switched is to activate your Aldi SIM card. ALDImobile is one of the best telecommunication networks that give you access to the full range of networks and starter packs. There are different types of data packs that you can get when purchasing an Audi SIM card.

How to Activate Aldi Sim Card via the Website & Mobile App

And just as I have mentioned above after purchasing an Aldi SIM card you need to activate it in order to make use of it and this is what this article is all about. Activating an Aldi SIM card is not a big day and I’m going to show you everything today.

How do I Activate My Aldi Sim Card?

Just as I have mentioned in this article activating your Aldi SIM card is not a big deal there are just a few steps that are involved. But before that you are going to need two things which are your starter pack and your activation code once you have those head over to the below process to activate your SIM card:

  • Make sure you have an internet connection then launch any browser.
  • Without a browser head over to
  • On the registration page fill out your SIM card number.
  • On the next box enter your PUK2 number.
  • Now click on start registration.

After clicking on start registration make sure to completely follow the on-screen prompts so that you can be registered and activate your Aldi SIM card. The above step is how to activate the Aldi SIM card using the mobile browser or any other browser.

How to Activate My Aldi Sim via the Mobile App

We have come to the step on how to activate the Aldi SIM card via the mobile application which you can download from the website or from your mobile store. So to activate it using the mobile app for the below procedure:

  • Launch the app store or Google Play store on your device.
  • Now tap on the search for Aldi talk.
  • Download and install the application.
  • Launch the application and then click on register.
  • Enter all the information needed to register and activate your Alditalk SIM card.

If you do that correctly then you have successfully activated and also registered your Aldi talk SIM card now we can start making use of it.

How Long Does it Take to Activate an Aldi SIM Card?

It doesn’t take long for you to successfully activate your Aldi SIM card after carrying out the activation process. It should take just an hour for your SIM card to be activated however depending on the network situation it might take up to four hours. So if you have been waiting for one hour after activation it the still not working just know that it might take her to 4 hours to activate so keep waiting.

Where do I Find My Aldi SIM Activation Code?

If you are looking to activate your Aldi SIM card you will find everything that you need to activate the SIM card in the pack that it came with. If you take a look at the plastic blister pack or sim pack you will find your activation code puk2 number and every other thing you need in activating the card. Therefore make sure you do not throw this away because it is a very useful item.

Why is my Aldi SIM not Working?

There are different courses that might make your SIM card not work one of the major causes is because lack of resetting your SIM settings. However, this can be easily corrected by doing a simple reset or restart of your phone so that your network settings are reset.


How do I setup my ALDImobile SIM card?

Setting up your Aldimobile SIM card is a very easy thing to do all you need is to visit Now select new service and then click on activation. Now enter your activation code from your SIM card and then keep on following the on-screen prompts to set up your Aldi SIM.

Which network does ALDImobile use?

ALDImobile network makes use of Telstra 5G Big telco coverage. They make use of the Telstra 5G, 4G, and 3G networks to deliver ALDImobile coverage to more than 98.8% of the Australian population.

Why can’t I recharge my ALDImobile?

Recharging your ALDImobile SIM card is one of the things that will keep you going because if you do not recharge it then your service might expire. If you cannot recharge with your mobile plan then your service has expired in order to reactivate it you need to recharge with pay-as-you-go. You can also use the pay-as-you-go service to convert your credit to a mobile plan.

Do Aldi SIM cards work in Telstra phones?

Since all the SIM cards make use of the Telstra big coverage which also happened to be a provider or producer of Telstra phones how the SIM card can be used in Telstra phones as well. This means that if you are having a test from your phone you can simply put in your Aldi SIM card and start using it and it will work very fine.

How do I check my balance on ALDImobile?

There are different ways to check the balance on your Aldi SIM card. You can simply log into your account online using the website to access your balance or simply log into the air mobile application. If you do not have access to those simply send 590 as an SMS that will receive your balance.


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