Hidden Facebook Friends: How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends List on Facebook

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We live in a time where people hide a lot of things, they want their privacy to be secret.  People hide lots of things including hidden Facebook friends. There could be lots of reasons for hiding Facebook friends but whatever the reason is for hiding Facebook friends this article will show you how to see someone’s hidden friends list on Facebook.

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends List on Facebook
How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends List on Facebook

Facebook is the number one social media that hackers target a lot for scams and other purposes,  that’s why Facebook takes drastic measures to prevent their users from any form of attack.  for example cloning of an account, if your friend list is showing your account can be easily cloned. that is one reason why Facebook has the hide your friend’s list feature if you want.

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Hidden Facebook Friends – How to see Facebook friends list

As the name suggests using Hidden Facebook friends are Facebook friends of someone that is hidden and cannot be seen. Some people like to hide their Facebook friends from the Facebook public or even their own Facebook friends. 

As I have mentioned above so many Facebook users normally hide their friends list from other Facebook users and even their Facebook friends. The major reason for this is basically the issue of security. 

How to See Someone’s Hidden Friends List on Facebook

If someone is hiding their Facebook friends from you and you really need to see it for one reason or another other there are simple steps you can take.  These simple steps or methods you can carry out will bring out the Facebook friends of who so ever you want to see. 

Maybe the person denied having a particular person as a friend on Facebook, and you simply want to find out but if your friend list is hidden you can use any of these methods to find it. 

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We will look at 3 methods to view the hidden list  these methods are:

  1. Using the Facebook friends Mapper.
  2. Using the Social Revealer.
  3. And finally using the Facebook link.

1 – How to View Someone’s Facebook Friends With Facebook Friend Mapper

If you want to view someone’s friend list that has been hidden on Facebook this method is easy and will enable you to do it without spending much time. However, this method will require you to have a computer and Google Chrome installed. 

 let’s see how to do this method below:

  • Open your Google Chrome browser on your computer.
  • Now navigate to Extensions and search and install “Facebook Friends Mapper”.
  • Log in to your Facebook account,  with the Chrome browser.
  • Open the profile of the person we want to view the list.
  • Now you are going to find a button called Reveal Hidden friends which is in blue color. Click on it.
  • Now, wait until the process is completed and the list will be shown to you. 

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2 – How to View Someone’s Facebook Friends With Social Revealer

The social revealer is also another extension that can be used to view friend lists on Facebook. This method is also as easy as the first method I have talked about in this article. 

 Carry out the procedure below to use the social revealer extension:

  • First things first, head over to Google Chrome extensions and install “Social Revealer”.
  • Now log in to your Facebook account on your Google Chrome.
  • Navigate to the profile of the person you want to view the list.
  • Open the social revealer extension and then click on See friends.

Once you have done that a new tab showing the friends of the person will be displayed and you can have all the friends of that person.  you can use this step to see all your friends including the mutual friend you have that person. 

3 – How to View Someone’s Facebook Friends with friends Link

To use this method you need to have the Facebook ID of your mutual friend and the person who you want to view their list. Once you have that fill them in this URL https://www.facebook.com/YOUR_TARGET/friends?and=FRIEND_OF_YOUR_TARGET and click on enter.

You can also make use of the Facebook friends viewer. Which is one of the best options to view friends on Facebook.

Why are some Facebook friends hidden?

There are different reasons why Facebook users decided to hide their friend lists. One such reason is security reasons many Facebook friends do not want others to see their friends they have so they can decide to hide their friend list. So the major reason is fr private reasons.


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