Google will soon make two-factor authentication compulsory


The issue of security cannot be overemphasized because that’s the only thing keeping you from getting compromises and without good passwords, it’s very easy to get hacked. That is why Google has announced that to commemorate Worlds Password Day the only solution is to implement and make compulsory the 2-factor Authentication method(2FA)

Google will soon make two-factor authentication compulsory
Google will soon make two-factor authentication compulsory

Creating and managing one password can be easy but when a user has multiple accounts across many platforms the issue of using the same password becomes a big risk. Because if one account gets compromised they all can get compromised. That is why Google has deemed it fit to want to make 2FA mandatory a few months from now because that will help a lot of users.

Even the so-called password managers that many browsers come with nowadays do not do a 100% job of managing passwords. I have had a case where once I change a password the manager does not take record but instead still gives me the old one I have changed. Or even after updating a password, the old one is still kept in the password manager.

So the 2FA is one of the best ways to reduce the risk of your security getting compromised. Google is also building other security technology to help give more factors for authentication. There are security keys that the company has built-in android devices that can be used to verify ownership of an account and also Google smart Lock on IOS. 

Google is completely looking to bypass passwords in the future so as to implement more advanced ways to security.


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