Latest Google update with improved AR in dual camera Android devices


Google is planning an update that will boost augmented reality for any Android phone with a dual-camera setup. This is a very welcome update because at least a triple camera setup is the norm of smartphones nowadays. It also means that so many devices will be happy to receive this update. Android Police said this update will improve ARcore features and add “Dual camera stereo depth on supported devices”.

Google update with improved AR in dual camera

However there is a catch,  eventually, many devices with dual-camera capabilities will be able to use this feature but for now, this update is limited to Google Pixel.  The Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL of 2019 will be the first devices to receive this update In the coming week. While other devices like pixel 5 and other products we get this update much later in the future. You can check the list of devices that are capable of receiving this update here.


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