Google Search fireworks Celebrate NASA’s Perseverance Mars Landing


It has being a long time coming but the NASA’s Perseverance has finally landed on the red planet and Googles is celebrating it with fireworks. This is part of a treat Google is giving out to celebrate the latest Mars landing. All you have to do is search for information about Perseverance which is NASA’s latest Mars rover. This will be greeted with the Google search fireworks in celebration of the successful landing. So just typing in the words “Perseverance” is to initiate the fireworks sherade on your Google search.

Google Search fireworks Celebrate NASA's Perseverance Mars landing
Google Search fireworks Celebrate NASA’s Perseverance Mars landing

The code name “the seven minutes of terror” was giving to the 7 minutes of the descent of Nasa’s Perseverance into the Mar’s atmosphere. The name was given because at that point a lot of things can go wrong leading to a failed attempt. But at the end of the seven mintues, the mission was completed and the 1-ton mobile laboratoiry Perseverance landed at the Jezero Crater competing the landing mission.

The Perseverance mission is scheduled to last for about 687 Earth days which is one Mars year. Wow, that would be one hell of a long year indeed. The mission of perseverance is simple, to investigate the Jezero Crater which was thought to have held water in the past.

Now that the landing is successful, images of the red planet are already being sent by the Perseverance. To catch these fireworks just search for Perseverance on Google search and you will see them.


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