Google Chat: How to activate and use


Google Chat is coming as Google take on apps such as slack which enables individuals or colleagues to communicate during working or any other activities. Google has positioned itself to take on them by providing friends and colleagues with Chat and Room to properly communicate during work or any other activities.

Google Chat
Google Chat

What is Google Chat

Google Chat is a means for individuals, friends, or colleagues to communicate with each other through chat or room on their Gmail account. This system works in two ways which is either chat with friends in a chat or chat with friends in a room.  Google describes that chatting with friends in a chat is an informal way of communication while chatting with friends in a room is a more formal way of communication. 

Google describes chat as a temporary way of communication just like meeting up with friends later in the day and the chat is done, while a room is more of a long-term commitment that can keep going on for a long period of time. When a room is created it is giving its own name and the chat on the room is available for people to join and to leave anytime they like.

Google Chat App

The Google chat is integrated into the standard Gmail application to make things easier to use for your chat or your room. Without a Gmail account on your Gmail app or browser, you would not be able to activate the Google Chat. The obvious truth is that if you do not have a Google account you will not be able to use Google chat. What you do now is to go ahead and create a Google account.

How to activate Google chat on your Gmail App 

If you are running on Android or iOS, and you already have the Gmail app installed, follow the procedure below to activate chat on your device:

  • Open your Gmail application and tap on the “Menu button” and select “Settings.”
  • Now select your account and after that select “General”
  • If you are on an Android device check off the “Show the Chat and Rooms tabs.” While on IOS toggle on the “Show the chat and rooms tab.” 

If you are on IOS after toggling on the Show Chat and Room, you have to close and reopen your Gmail application manually for the chat feature to be activated.  Once it has been activated you can now find the chat and rooms icon on the bottom of the screen of your Gmail app.

 How to  start a chat on mobile

Once you have already activated chat on your  Gmail account on your mobile device to begin a chat is easy to follow the procedure below to do so:

  • Open your Gmail app and tap on “Chat”, when a new pop-up screen comes up tap on “New Chat.”
  • After that you can now type in the name of the person want to chat with or you can create room and even join existing rooms.

How to activate chat on your Gmail account with a browser

 Maybe you do not have your Gmail account on your Gmail app on your device but on your browser or you simply just want to activate it on your browser carry out the procedure below:

  • Log into your Gmail account and then select “Settings.”
  • Now select “View all settings”.
  •  Click on “Chat and Meet”.
  • After clicking on chat and meet,  You will have three options which are “Chat”, “Classic Hangouts” and finally “Off.”
  • Now select the one you want and you are good to go. Finally, click on “Save Changes”.

Once you have clicked on save changes your screen will refresh and all the changes you have said will be changed and save. From here on out you can now have access to chat or plastic and hang out depending on the one you selected. 


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