Free Virtual Team Building Activities In 2021


Free Virtual Team Building Activities are group games, challenges, and exercises via platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Examples of activity types include icebreaker questions, virtual campfires, and group fitness classes. 

Free Virtual Team Building Activities

The purpose of these activities is to build relationships, improve communication, and boost employee morale. These virtual activities are also called “remote team building activities” and “virtual team bonding activities.”

Free Virtual Team Building Activities

These activities are similar to online team building games and support virtual employee engagement.

This list includes:

  • Free virtual team-building ideas.
  • Online team-building activities for conference calls.
  • Quick virtual team-building games.
  • Fun virtual team games for work.

And more.

List of Virtual Team Building Activities

From tiny campfire to International Monster Hunter, and Bingo, here are some fun virtual activities for virtual meetings and other formats.

Virtual Team Building Bingo

Virtual Team Building Bingo is a fun team building activity for conference calls. The game is familiar, a little nostalgic, and perfect for both kids and adults.

To play:

  • Distribute cards to your team members.
  • Use breakout rooms to encourage small group dynamics.

Award prizes to whoever finishes a row or “x” first.

Virtual Team Building Icebreakers (Easy)

A simple ideas to start with team building virtually is to add a round of icebreaker questions at the beginning of video conference calls. You should plan for 30 seconds per participant.

One of the challenges of virtual icebreakers is that you don’t have simple visual cues for who goes next. Instead, the host should designate who is next throughout the activity.

50 States Challenge

Years ago, I worked with a team of Americans. As the sole Canadian, I challenged my colleagues to a “name the 50 states” competition. I lost, but for 30 minutes my small team was deeply engaged as we struggled to remember Nebraska and Wyoming. You can make your own maps too.

Lightning Scavenger Hunt Activities

Lightning Scavenger Hunts are designed to be fun and fast-paced virtual team building games. To do this activity with remote teams, invite your coworkers to a virtual meeting and start firing off clues like “cuddle your pet”, “show a dictionary” or “get your favorite mug.”

The first person to complete each clue gets a point. You can score by groups too.

Tree or Bob Ross

The Tree or Bob Ross game mechanics are similar to 20 Questions or Eye Spy and other virtual team builders. To start this virtual activity, one player chooses an identity, which can be anything from an object to a concept. On a road trip to Canada, one friend chose to be a small rubber ball. Explore your imagination and feel free to choose really difficult identities.

The player with the identity is known as The Post, and all other players can bombard The Post with unlimited questions to uncover the identity.


Virtual team-building activities are a great way to make virtual meetings fun, boost morale, and build community. These virtual activities include free and paid options and can take anywhere from 1 minute to several hours. 

I recommend following The 8% Rule, which states that you should spend about 8% of the time on any team calling doing games and exercises together.


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