Free Guy Gets Paid Fortnite Skin, Can You do Thesame?


Do you know that free guy gets paid Fortnite skin? Do you know that free guy is coming to Fortnite? Fortnite is experiencing a novel crossover event; to get the new free guy skin and Emote Fortnite players can complete quests in order to earn it.

This page will tell us more about the free guy and how to get the free Emote so if you would love to find out then you should consider reading this article.

Free Guy Gets Paid Fortnite Skin

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It was to be expected that free guy would get a Fortnite crossover in some way. Fortnite is gradually goggling up every video game and pop culture IP known to man so it is natural that the video game movie would get a piece of that action. This is because free guy is the closest that Fortnite has ever gotten to an actual Fortnite movie for now.

Free Guy Gets Paid Fortnite Skin

Free guy skin is a super beef-ified version of Ryan Reynolds character guy and his appearance is like a sort of person who consistently sets off the lunk panic at planet fitness. He has a blue button-up shirt tattooed on one of his pectorals which has an authentic grave experience explanation.

Fortnite players can earn the good guy emote, it features Ryan Reynolds’s voice which says “do not have a good day, have a great day” and the character does a little wind that makes the new edition proud.

And since the Emote is voiced, the developer Epic says the voice lines are going to be fully localized in-game. So finding special ATMs scattered all over the world will make the quest for player’s complete. If Fortnite players would like to get the new free guy Emote they should be able to complete the quests.

How To Get the Fortnite Free Guy Emote

You might be searching for how to get the Fortnite free guy Emote but could not find any; you don’t need to search anymore. Here are the steps on how to get the Fortnite free guy Emote:

  • Visit the new ATMs spotted approximately on the map.
  • These ATMs are comparable to the Payphones introduced this season.
  • You will find the ATMs at virtually every POI and Gas station around the map.
  • In other to earn the free Guy emote you will have to complete five different quests from the ATMs.

With these above steps, you will be able to get the Fortnite free guy Emote.


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